BEING is a women's apparel and accessory brand. 


We create  clothing and accessories that can be worn in a variety of ways. Our unique designs transforms to fit the versatile lifestyle of the modern woman. 

​Our intention is to create products that improves the quality of your life by offering you beautifully made designs created for the multifaceted nature of your BEING - mind body and soul. 

BEING's spirit animal is represented by the white butterfly, a being known for it's effortless beauty and transformative quality. These qualities are a common thread woven throughout the genesis of our designs.


Our creations are for the conscious consumer who values products that reflect their conscious way of living.


Our designs are meant to inspire you to make calmness and wellness a everyday part of your life. 

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Enjoy your journey, all of it is here to serve you. 

Image by Taisiia Stupak


I am Gefa Banini,  the designer behind BEING. A company created to support your awakened lifestyle!

I am a fashion designer in heart, a writer in mind and a story teller in soul. 

My intention is to create products that bring out the natural beauty and wellness that already exists within you.

One of my deepest pleasure in life is to create products that benefit your life and inspire you to see the beauty and wellness that already exists within you. 

It is my core knowing that through it all wellness is our inherent nature.

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